Promoting muscle cell growth
Reducing insulin resistance & balancing hormones
Promoting energy and mental alertness
Increasing metabolism
Supporting natural production of Human Growth Hormone
VelvetRX - Recover naturally.
VelvetRX™ is a proprietary product of a USA -based company. Our unique formula
was developed by nutrition experts as a safe and effective supplement
that helps you recover and regenerate.

Many struggle with injuries and pains, and VelvetRX™, a deer antler velvet formula,
helps you overcome and recover. VelvetRX™ is a dietary supplement that helps
accelerate recovery and stimulate muscle growth. Our sophisticated I GF 1+ antler
velvet spray makes for a safe and proven recovery agent.

Best of all, VelvetRX™ has no known harmful side effects. You can cut days or weeks
off your recovery time. You should start seeing results within one week of starting
to take VelvetRX™, depending on your own unique situation. Join the many others who
have experienced the amazing power of deer antler today!

Is deer antler spray banned?

IGF-1, which is derived from the velvet of deer antlers, provides the body with the extra materials it needs to boost growth. This hormone occurs naturally in the body and is thought to stimulate bone density and muscle growth. To date, IGF-1 is not banned. It is however, on the radar of the professional sports leagues. It has officially been banned by several USA based sports organzations, yet the enforcement of this ban has proven to be lacking. Recently, a well known professional football player purportedly had used deer antler spray to recover from an injury, although subsuquent testing by the organization allegedly revealed no signs of use. This may be due to a lack of enforcement, ability to test for the new supplement, or a combination of both.
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