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How effective is VelvetRX? Should you try VelvetRX? Will it help you to recover faster? What do people that have tried it say?

Here you will learn about very compelling evidence supporting I GF 1's positive muscle building and repairing effects. But don't simply take our word for it. Read and decide for yourself:
The curious case of the Ecuadorean Villagers
igf1 ecuador study People living in remote villages in Ecuador have a mutation that some biologists say may throw light on human longevity and ways to increase it. This mutation, known as Laron's disease, causes their growth in height to be stunted, yet the patients WITH the disease have an extremely low rate of age related diseases. Valter D. Longo, a researcher on aging at the University of Southern California, performed a study using this information. The study performed appears to demonstrate that when given I GF 1 before and during puberty, the children were able to grow to a normal height. The test subjects were able to grow to a normal height, while enjoying the positive anti-aging benefits of Laron's disease. The results were undeniable.

The New Zealand Study

In a related study done in the United States, a group of scientists took 32 male weight lifters and gave half of them New Zealand Deer Antler Velvet and half of them a placebo for 10 weeks. While the placebo group didn't show any difference in bench or squat tests, those given deer antler velvet saw an increase of 4 percent on the bench press and 10.1 percent on the squat test as compared to the placebo group. The scientists also reported that there was a "significant improvement in aerobic capacity" with the group that was taking deer antler velvet.
Professional Sports Figures - and IGF-1
First it was Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens and now more recently Vijay Singh has admitted to taking I GF 1. Ray Lewis had used it to recover from a torn right tricep. Singh has gone on to win the last of his 34 PGA Tour titles since 2008, which is conveniently at the same time deer antler spray was gaining attention. In both cases the subsequent testing performed by the sports leagues failed to provide positive results for the substance.

As a result, Singh has since brought suit against the PGA tour for defamation of character. Regardless of the outcome I GF 1 and "deer antler spray" is heralded by many to be the best over the counter muscle building product on the market.

There is much information available from credible sources that support I GF 1, and we encourage you to do your own research. I GF 1 is a very promising substance that merits more research and understanding. Will it work for you? Our 100% iron-clad money back guarantee says so.

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